There are so many ways to extract fruit and vegetables in order to make fresh juices. The easiest way is by using cold press juicer. Let us first discuss about what a cold press juicer is, a cold press juicer is one of types of juicer which is the slowest in speed from the other kinds of juicers. The most interesting thing about this juicer is that it doesn’t require any sort of heat in this process. All you need is an electricity connection for separating skins from the fruits and vegetables to make fresh juices. These cold press juicers are widely used everywhere in the world because juicing is gaining popularity in nowadays. Many of the health nutritionist suggests having fresh fruits and vegetables juices of many kinds which can help in the clotting of blood or it is good for the health of cancer patients too. These juicers are also known by the name of masticating juicers.

The masticating juicers are known for their slow work they work slowly and make juices of the fruits and vegetables not as fast as other new kinds of juicers. They are basically eatable because it makes juices not as smooth as the new juicers does. It contains some flesh or pulp.

Now let’s discuss that How these cold press juicers work? What is the mechanism behind? The process of disjointing the fruits and vegetables from their skins starts with a screw auger and a hydraulic press that squashes and squeezes out the juice of the fruits and vegetables slowly .The specification of this screw auger is that it requires no heat .This process of blending fruits results in to a shake which is not as frothy as the new kind of juicers produce.

Nowadays centrifugal juicers are also widely used in the corporate world because the cold press juicers produces the blended shakes which are not made as fast and quickly as the centrifugal juicers do .You can easily find the cold press juicers in the juice bars or juices stalls as the shopkeepers are mostly using  these juicers too but it consumes a lot of time to blend the fruit and make shakes and drinks of your choice .The mechanism of this cold press juicer is not a complex one. It is very easy to use on the tabletop of your kitchen or anywhere else with the electricity connection.